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Books I'm Working On

Writing is fun, and as I see and hear the world around me, new ideas develop. Here are three novels in various stage of development. Check back often for updates and excerpts.

Wyatt and Kane are off to Scotland

Wyatt and Kane are off to Scotland. It's February 1890, and Gordon Bennett wants a story on the opening of the Firth of Forth Bridge. 

Arriving in London, Mycroft Holmes suggests there is nothing in Scotland but sheep. They soon discover there is much more as their old friend Berger is in trouble.

Help is offered when a brother requests it.

Coming Summer 2023

York is a modern story, one of deception, vice, and fraud. Lucian James is dead and Scott Redford is tasked to investigate and settle the estate. Treasa Conrad, his childhood friend and sometime lover offers to help. Scott's wife Kathy, lover to Scott and Treasa joins them in the search. 

From small town Pennsylvania to Baltimore to the banking centers of the Caribbean the story of Lucian James grows in complexity and excitement.

Coming Spring 2023

From the future comes Mike Richards and his associates in search of the meaning of the 1904 Harrisburg UFO incident. 

Indirectly, it changed the future, by elevating the family of his friend Tom Winters to a position of power, but why and to what purpose.

the final chapter of the Kosmos Trilogy answers that question and more, as these strangers from the future discover.

Coming Winter 2023

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