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Out of Time, A journey to our future and our past

Out of Time is the story of George and Tom Winters, father and son anthropologists, who pursue evidence that humanity was visited many times in the past by alien cultures who, for whatever reason, influenced the development of modern Earth cultures. When Tom discovers an alien artifact that is similar to one discovered by his dad years ago, first contact is triggered.


Alien encounters have been fodder for modern media since the Roswell incident of 1947, but few have studied the history of what followed. Few realize that alien encounters were common in the 1950’s often being front-page news in local and national media; few realize that alien encounters, witnessed by large groups of people, were dismissed by governments as explainable events that never occurred before or since. Few understand that the US Air Force studied UFO events in 1948 and concluded that they were real; few recognize that in media aliens are almost always portrayed as hostile, and while recent media has finally addressed the idea of benevolent aliens, no one has addressed the change such an encounter would have on Earth.


Out of Time is the first book in a trilogy that addresses these issues and possible repercussions. If you have an interest in the future or the unknown past; if you live by night and study the skies; if you really know that someone is out there, then Out of Time is for you.

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Time Is, Book 2 of the Kosmos Trilogy

With some help from unexpected sources, humanity has finally shed the boundaries of Earth, ready to take its place in the Galaxy. The enemy is still on a course for Earth, but there is time to prepare. It won’t be easy as the inhabitants of Earth discover that they are not alone, have never been alone, and won’t survive without those who have always been here.


Time Is, Book 2 of the Kosmos trilogy, is the sequel to Out of Time, The Story of our Future and Our Past and continues the saga of the Winters clan as they interact with a new group of friends in preparation for the conflict that can have only one outcome.


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1889, Paris and the Universal Exposition

The 1889 Universal Exposition ushered in a new world order. The arts, industry, technology, entertainment, and science changed dramatically in 1889. Until then the old ways of the Middle Ages held sway.

1889 is the story of the City of Lights and all that happened in that eventful year. It is the story of American newspaper photographer, Eustace Wyatt and his companion, writer Lloyd Kane. In Paris to cover the exposition for The Paris Herald, they encounter the city up close, befriending a host of famous and not yet famous people, in the process uncovering a plot that could return the continent to war.


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