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Out of Time, The Story of our Future and our Past


1889, Paris and the Universal Exposition

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Time Is, To the Rim and Beyond

The Paris of 1889 was overflowing with people of fame, import and creation. These are the people of 1889, Paris and the Universal Exposition, the exciting new Kane and Wyatt adventure from Mike Gotwalt. How many do you recognize? Can you guess which one is much more than history remembers? 


I've been a fan of classic science fiction for over 50 years. Growing up, my favorite authors were Heinlein, Clarke and Asimov because they explored the reality of the future. Either it's going to be a continuation of our failed past or an opportunity to move beyond the bounds of Earth to a new era of exploration and discovery.

The theme that drives all my books is imagination, 

something we seem to have lost that we once had and hopefully will regain again.

My latest novel, 

1889,Paris and the Universal Exposition is based on

the detective genre as my first exposure to reading was Sherlock Holmes stories. This book harkens back to those and introduces photographer, Eustace Wyatt and his journalist friend, Lloyd Kane the year of 1889 in the world's greatest city, Paris. Join them in adventure, discovery and 



I write from my home in Vero Beach, Florida where my wife and I retired after a long career in service to the Navy. We still watch every launch from KSC and wonder why we have yet to face our future.

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